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Orthodontic Clinics

Braces are devices that are fitted with teeth to give them support. Dentists and orthodontics use braces to realign and correct irregularities in teeth. For the people who have misaligned teeth, braces can be a good way of correcting this irregularity. The dentist will conduct an overall check-up of your dental health and history before issuing braces. The treatment you will be given will be based on the analysis gathered. The braces given will at times comprise of bands, wires, and other removable fixtures. The braces perform their function by continuously applying pressure to the teeth over a specific duration. The pressure thus enables bones to restructure themselves as the teeth move. To learn more about braces, follow the link.


Braces consist of several components. There are brackets which are small squares that are placed tightly in front of each tooth. They function in such a way that they hold the wires that enable the movement of the teeth. At times, these brackets are placed behind the teeth to prevent them from being seen. The brackets obtain support from the orthodontic bands. The orthodontic bands offer support by being wrapped around every tooth. The bands can either be stainless steel or clear tooth colored. A person can choose to have brackets without bands.

Spacers are devices that are placed between the teeth to provide space for the orthodontic bands. There are arch wires which are usually connected to the brackets and thus guide the movement of the teeth. The archwires can either be made of metal or at times be clear or tooth colored. To ensure that the archwires are held onto the brackets, tiny elastic bands are used. The movement of the upper teeth to the lower teeth to realize a perfect fit is made possible by elastic or bands. The bands are usually worn between the upper and lower teeth and are connected to the hooks on the brackets. The best information about orthodontist columbia sc is available when you click the link.


There is no definite time stipulated for wearing braces. The duration required is different for every individual. The duration depends on certain factors such as the severity of the situation, space available or even the distance that each tooth must travel. After you wear the braces, you will be required to go to the dentist at least once every month. Your dentist will get the opportunity to adjust the position of the wires and springs to ensure the teeth receive maximum pressure. Braces can be placed on any patient irrespective of their age. Adults and children both attain the same level of benefits of using braces.


Ways in Which Braces Function